Short Film


Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Writer / Director: Roderick MacKay
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In a remote part of Stalin’s Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, Grigori, Manager of FACTORY293-293, faces the realities of his existence – Stalin has abandoned him. With a howling blizzard outside, the factory’s power is suddenly cut. In a flurry to restore the power before the inspectors arrive, Grigori directs two of his workers into the blizzard to investigate.

Despite the blizzard-swept Russian setting, FACTORY293 was made entirely in sun-drenched Western Australia (WA). This intentionally ambitious project was designed to throw an emergent production team into the deep end, testing and expanding their capacities across all facets of filmmaking. The result showcases the team’s ability to tell stories set in any time or place, within worlds that must be designed and built from the ground up.